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What is Cloud Native, Really?

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Get a solid definition of ‘cloud native’ from engineers on the Microsoft campus up close and personal on the Cloud Native Show. In this pilot episode, follow Shayne as he explores the Microsoft campus to have Cloud Native explained to him by Distinguished Engineer, Brendan Burns.

01:14​ – Two really important aspects of cloud native
02:42​ – Brendan talks about concept of Blue/Green deployments
03:45​ – Shayne asks, “Is this just SOA redifined?”
06:43​ – Is tooling the hardest part?
10:22​ – Do we jump or stay in Virtual Machines because it’s what we know?
11:48​ – Is Kubernetes the thing or are we going somewhere next?
14:10​ – Containers are everywhere, is the cloud the final deployment?
16:30​ – Brendan answers how to get started.


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