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Webinar: How to migrate business critical workloads to a container platform like Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Real-time data exchange with local systems using Azure Red Hat OpenShift

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  • Broadcasted on: Thursday 25 March 2021
  • Expert: Jacob Hoeflaken, Technology Leader – Axians NL
  • Expert:J Jos Groen, Business Unit Manager – Axians NL

Data in local systems within business units can impose a challenge in becoming a data-driven company. Especially when acquisitions are part of the growth strategy. Introducing a data hub based on a cloud-native container platform can be a solution to realize real-time data exchange.

In this webinar we will focus on how VINCI Energies tackled this challenge and became future proof for the growing amounts of data due to company acquisitions. We will share how their cloud-native journey adds value to their business operations and discuss why VINCI migrated business critical workloads to a container platform.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to containerize business critical workloads and what we learned at VINCI Energies
  • How the local systems of acquired companies are efficiently and securely linked to a data hub
  • The motivations behind and business case behind the project
  • Why exactly this technology and partnership was chosen
  • The latest version of the container platform Azure Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Fuse Integration Services
  • What it takes to migrate classic ESB functionality, links and applications to hybrid cloud, through deployment of Red Hat Fuse Integration services on the Openshift container platform
  • How onboarding applications on Openshift and Azure Red Hat OpenShift works

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