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On Demand Webinar: Join a real-life journey on the road to cloud-native

In this great discussion you can discover why Ortec Finance was looking for a ‘batteries included’ container platform and how they got the job done.

Ortec Finance designs, builds and delivers high-quality software models for asset-liability management, risk management, (impact investment) portfolio construction, performance measurement & attribution, and financial planning. A cloud-native container platform was a means for them to achieve 3 technology objectives:

  • Enable growth of the company
  • Assure the high quality standards of the financial industry
  • Improve the speed of delivery of services

In this discussion Joris Cramwinckel shares how they started their journey with a small pilot, a relatively new application and an open minded team of engineers. In the first stages of the journey they fastened their seatbelts, were guided by experts and learned a lot, clearing the road for bigger steps.

Joris explains why he was looking for a ‘batteries included’ solution. ‘When you start with Kubernetes there are many options. You can build your own plain Vanilla Kubernetes, but that’s not our core business, so we were looking for an enterprise grade platform. Also the stack needs to be compatible all to time,  without worries’.

This changes the way of working completely and allows you to focus on your core business. As a result they are now able to take bigger and faster steps, for instance in the area of AI and ML.

Join this great discussion and benefit from the learnings of Joris Cramwinckel (Technologist at Ortec Finance), René Moddejongen (Open Source Lead Western Europe at Microsoft) and Klaas-Pieter Majoor (Managing Partner Special Assignments at HCS Company).

This discussion is based on the following 10 statements:

  • Why cloud native
  • Batteries included makes life easier
  • You can trust your vendor / hyperscaler
  • Managed OpenShift vs Managed Kubernetes
  • Azure or AWS? (and then ARO or ROSA)
  • We’ve tackled Data persistence
  • We enabled our developer to deliver faster and write better code
  • We’ve changed our way of working
  • We worked intensively with vendors to challenge us
  • Cloud-native is the way to go for Ortec Finance

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