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Containers & Kubernetes

Azure Kubernetes Service is a robust and cost-effective container orchestration service that helps you to deploy and manage containerized applications in seconds where additional resources are assigned automatically without the headache of managing additional servers.

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Threat detection with Azure Defender for Kubernetes

Azure Defender for Kubernetes and Azure Defender for Web Apps are available solutions within the Azure Security Center. Today we will focus on Kubernetes. First, we will explain how you can reach a complete on-premises and multicloud threat…

The evolution of AKS

For some time now Kubernetes is thé platform to orchestrate containers. Why is this and what are the benefits of using Kubernetes and managed Kubernetes (AKS)?

Secrets management: essential when using Kubernetes

In Kubernetes secrets contain all kinds of sensitive information. For instance, database credentials or API keys. The term secrets management describes the centralised and secured management of these secrets. Sebastiaan Kok, Innovation Engineer…